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Private Flights & Ferry Services

To/From Argentina, USA and South America, Central America and The Caribbean

Over the years, MRCB AERONAUTICA has become an essential part of the General and Corporate Aviation community by offering private flights and ferry services all over the Americas.


We specialize in the best quality service for passengers and aircraft, with single and multi-engine aircraft experience from USA to all over South America, Central America, The Caribbean and vice-versa. Our team is composed of high-qualified professionals with a broad range of expertise in Aircraft Operations and Maintenance: Masters of Engineering, Mechanics, Technicians and Pilots holding FAA (USA), ANAC (Brazil) and ANAC (Argentina) Airline Transport and Commercial Pilot Licenses. All our team speaks fluently English, Spanish and Portuguese. 


Be safe and relax. We have over thousands of hours of flight time transporting passengers and aircraft all over the most remote parts of the continent, ranging from domestic locations in Argentina, United States to the furthest towns of the Americas.


Please click on the services options below for a quote and we will be contacting you shortly.

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